Fundraising at Kapinara Primary

The P&C at Kapinara Primary provides much needed facilities and equipment through our fundraising activities.

2011 proved to be another busy year with many fundraising activities such as:


     Footy Tipping             

     Quiz night and silent auction   

     Election Stall              

     Sports Day Carnival Stalls

     Bunning’s Sausage sizzle

     Wembley Downs Fair


While a not profit-making venture, surplus funds from the Canteen and Clothing Shop have also been accumulated by the P&C to purchase further resources for the school.

The P&C fundraising total for 2011 was in excess of $50,000, including the P&C contribution. This terrific total was put to very good use with the P&C contributing the following to the school & students in 2011:

     Reading books ($3,000)

     Air conditioning ($14,000)

     Choir Incentives ($300) 

     Kindergarten ($400)

      Library ($2,000)

     Computer Equipment ($6,150)

      Whiteboards ($34,600)

     Music Department ($ 2,000)

     Undercover Audio Visual Equip ($760)

      Graduation year 7 ($1,240) 


Following the first year of the successful clothes shop, this years funds have been earmarked for, or spent on:

     Computer equipment

     Toilet art project


     Playground Equipment

     Electronic Whiteboards



(Current as at 30th August 2012)


However the P&C's purpose is not all about fundraising. The P&C has run and supported fun, community events such as:

      Mucky Duck Night

       Bi-Annual Pantomine

      Scitech Night

     Sundowner for new parents


Our thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who supported P&C activities and events and to all those that contributed.