School Banking

Kapinara joined the Commonwealth Bank’s ‘School Banking Program’ in May 2012, and now with over 200 students participating, it is a fabulous program encouraging good individual savings habits by providing the children with an opportunity to make deposits into their personal Commonwealth Bank Youthsaver account at school each week.


For every deposit at school they receive a silver coloured Dollarmites token.  Once your child has individually saved 10 tokens they can redeem them for an exclusive Dollarmites rewards item.


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Did you know School Banking provides a great fundraising opportunity for the P&C, supporting student-focussed initiatives at Kapinara?  The school receives $5 when children make their first deposit, and a 5% commission on every deposit (to a maximum of $10 per individual deposit) made through the School Banking program.


In addition, banking has become part of our senior students Leadership program, with the Year 6 students taking on the responsibility of running the weekly banking session under the supervision of the School Banking Coordinator.  It provides fabulous ‘real life’ experience in customer service and handling and balancing money for these students, as well as further enhancing the wonderful leadership role model they already portray within our school community.


Taking part in School Banking is easy!

  1. If your child has an existing Commonwealth Youthsaver account they can start banking straight away. They just need to bring their deposit in every week using their Dollarmites deposit wallet.
  2. If you don’t have a Youthsaver account, pick up an application form at the School Office or during the School Banking session, and the School Banking Coordinator will handle the rest.  Just bring along your Driver’s Licence or other photo identification.  No ID for your child is required, as the school will confirm their identity.
  3. Alternatively, you can open an account at any branch (Floreat Forum is the closest to school), by calling 13 22 21, or online if you are an existing Commonwealth Bank customer.


If you would like any additional information about the School Banking Program at Kapinara, simply contact our School Banking Coordinator Mandy Lyell via email or on 0414 592 766 for assistance.


Happy Banking!